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trying to learn and gain and new and sophisticated vocabulary for someone who is going into 8th grade???

what is the easiest way to get a better vocabulary, be able to understand it, and remember what the words mean? im going into the 8th grade and in NJ, 8th graders have to take a test called the GEPA ( grade 8 profficiency assesment). anyway, there is alot of writing involved in it and i want to get ahead my improving my vocabulary to make a difference in my writing. i want such a vocabulary that i am able to describe one object with 20 words by March. is there any way i can achieve this? i want to surprise my teachers and peers. i want to show them what a good paper, report or essay should look like and how even someone as young as me can do that….also, im rly bored and i like to read and it would be cool to be able to read a book and think of different words i would have used that the author didnt. the state standardized tests we have to take, say we need vivid words so if you know how to do that then

thanxx in advance

p.s. if you know anything that could help pls do tell me =P

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if ur not doing anything u can read some educational books or dictionaries!