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Transferring to another school and later I want to pledge AKA?

I am transferring to another University in Spring 07 because I changed my major to education. I would like to know, if the AKA’s at the school that I will be transferring to decides to have a rush in the Spring Of 09, what are the requirements for me since I will be a transfer student? Im speaking on the fact that I have the grades and community service as well. I m not sure if you have to be there for a whole year or what? Please help me, I really look foward to being apart of the this hardworking, dedicated organization.

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At most schools, Alpha Kappa Alpha and other NPHC orgs require 15 hours completed at your newly, transferred institution with at least a 2.5 GPA and total of 30 hours cumulative hours.

As for the Rushing in Spring 09, it may be a possible. Make friends with some of the members at your new school. Attend some of the AKA functions, and sooner or later you will be aware of when they are having intake.

*Also, the most important thing…BE DISCREET!!!

Don’t go telling everyone that you want to pledge. If you attend the events and become socially interacted, they will notice your interest in the sorority… GOOD LUCK!!!


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Some schools require entering or transfer students to wait a semester before rushing. Others don’t.

Ask your future school what their policies on rushing/pledging are for transfer students, or call the sorority groups directly.