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Teaching Certificate question?

I have a B.A. in English And Communications and want to pursue a teaching certificate.. i want to teach at a high school level that requires a secondary teaching certificate.. what colleges/universities in IL offer that program? what other certificates would be benificial for me to acquire?

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Please com tact the Illinois department of education and ask them about the colleges in your state that have an accredited program in secondary education. They will also inform you about the requirements for receiving an Illinois certificate to teach secondary English.

Dual certification is excellent. It greatly increases your usefulness to a school since you can teach in more than one area. Principals like that since very often the number of teachers do not fit in with the number of classes that they have. They like to have swing teachers.

Math and secondarily Biology are the best areas to be certified. Both of those and in particular Math are shortage areas. It is not likely however, that you will be able within a four year degree to meet the education requirements and the subject requirement for dual certification.

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