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Ashyisa B

Summer activities for 13 year old?

So my parents won’t send me to summer camps/schools etc., so I have to figure SOMETHING out! okay…so I was thinking i could go to my local library, get some good books to read (my mom won’t even go THERE, but I will convince her), and maybe I could research on a subject i really like, and maybe write a report on it (just for fun…no grades after all). Okay, so I need new ideas for summer activities, good books for a new 8th grader, and ideas for my research project.

Also, I was thinking I could have my own “summer school” thing. You know, like have a few periods: Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and have a few assignments and all. Please tell me what assignments I can give myself for each subject (I’m going to 8th g.) I’m also planning to have an “art” period.

Oh, and I’m gaining a few pounds, and don’t know how to lose them! My mom rarely lets me out of my house without adult supervision, and I really want to be in good shape to compete in my school’s annual race next yea

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Good God, you sound like me at that age!!!! Well, 8th grade is more world history, mainly the renaissane era, so you should look into that (even read about it, or books from it if it suits you). Theres also great art from the renaissance, so you could look into some of that for art. If youre as smart as you sound, than you’re probably going into either algebra, or prealgebra, so id restudy the basics. And Language arts is a whole lotta grammar, so you might want to write practice essays or short stories for fun.Youre also probably going into “earth” or “physical science”, so you could read about natural disasters and what-not. As for books, the inheritance trilogy is really good (Eragon), and if you want to jump ahead, you might read some of the easier high school English AP books, like scarlet letter (great book), and OF Mice and Men. Well, thats the best I can give you. Look into that stuff, and youll be ahead for your eighth grade year. Really look into the renaissance…it applies to language arts, art, and history, ok??

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Ok, I have the perfect books, the “Uglies” series.

It’s a very good novel for teens. It deals with superhuman beauty and what the government’s true purpose was for this miracle beauty surgery.

Its 4 book’s




Extras { Available fall 2007}

Good luck e-mail me on how it goes at [email protected]

Main themes are

government oppresion

inner beauty vs. outer beauty

and other teen issues but put into overdrive because of the nature of the book, you will be so surprised!

Good luck on your school, Im 13 and I got a volunteer job with

”Say Yes To Education”.

Other reccomendations are

Flowers for Algernon

The Giver

The Messenger

Are you there God, it’s me Margaret

The Divide

Back to the Divide

Artemis Fowl series

Death Be not Proud

The Anne Frank Diary



Teach Me


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embroidery fan
You have a good idea!

For Math, go into the next area: PreAlgebra or Algebra. For Reading & Language Arts, read books from the book *Books and the Teenage Reader* (excellent source of old books) or Newbery Award winners & runners-up. For History, pick one time or event in history to study, like civil rights or abortion. For Science, pick an interesting area you like, such as Biology, Geology, etc. and look into it. For P.E., do jogging (even in place) plus strength training, to lose weight. For Art, experiment with media around the house: scrapbooking or water coloring or even garnishing the family’s food at dinner.


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Green Eyed Girl
Include an Athletics class in your “summer school”. Take time each day to exercise. Keep track of what you do and what your progress is over the summer. Maybe for your research you could do a report on nutrition and how certain foods affect your body. Don’t forget to have some fun. It is Summer after all!

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Oh dear god… Please… DON’T do the summer school thing. It sounds like the DWEEBIEST thing on the face of the planet!!!!!! Your Mum sounds like an over-protective mother duck, so I guess it isn’t your fault… Invite a friend over… Someone you are friends with, but haven’t invited over before or anything. The results will suprise you!!

BAKE. Baking is fun!! and you get to eat the stuff after!!

Go to the park.

Go swimming,

Go bike riding

Go skating

Go to the beach

Go TO a friends house if your Mum is over-protective… That way you have “adult supervision” but you’re with your friends more relaxed parents, so you can do whatever THEIR parents will allow…

Make maps… (sounds boring I know) but tea stain them, and burn the edges… its actually quite fun…

Hope that helps?


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I think that is an excellent idea….If you can get them at your local idea some type of foriegn language tape….to listen to and learn….my kids have to take foriegn lauguages in school and if you can get a head start on it that would be great…..

Also, get a work out DVD or tape some of the workouts on TV and do them in your house to help lose a few pounds…

GOOD LUCK and what a great idea you have…..


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