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Rephrase: hating school — drop out for alternative?

Let me make something clear, because it seems that many people got confused when they read this question on my other post. I do not want to drop out of high school and try to get a job. I love learning, and I can’t wait to go to college. I just feel like high school isn’t doing it for me. I’m taking all honors classes, and it feels to me like it’s just a bunch of stress and homework and no sleep, like i’m not really learning. I want to learn efficiently and quickly, and I feel like I could do that better on my own. So, I’m exploring the possibility of alternatives, which might include dropping out of high school, but finding other ways to learn so I can still go to college. I guess the question I’m really trying to ask is:

What are the alternatives to high school?

I don’t think homeschooling will work for my situation, but as I said before, my parents are very supportive and will let me do whatever I want to within reason. I recently found out about GEDs …

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GED is your best bet, if you are really intent on dropping out of high school.

I don’t feel that I really learned anything in high school (for the most part), but that changed once I got to college. It would probably be smartest to stick it out for the rest of high school and then try college.

In college, the courses are a lot quicker (not year-long like HS, but usually quarters/semesters) and there is the whole being on your own thing which is new and exciting.

Colleges sometimes look down upon GED’s and/or homeschooling, so it may be difficult to get into a college with one of those. Staying in high school is your best opportunity.

Just know that you are not alone. A lot of people hate high school as much as you are. I hated it myself, although I thought it was really easy and a waste of time. It may feel like you aren’t learning, but if you think about it, I am sure you learned some things. Maybe your problem is that you think that the things you are learning are not important.

Stick with high school and look forward to college. Trust me, it will get better and more challenging and you will actually learn a lot of stuff, especially once you start taking detailed courses about things you are interested it.


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Don’t drop out. The stress isn’t as high as it might be for college, and toughing it out can be a lesson in itself. Perhaps you should see about dropping one class and adding a study hall, or move that class to that Virtual program.

GEDs aren’t rated as high as a diploma.

Talk to your teachers. Why don’t you feel you are learning? Perhaps you need to take a more hands on class – like drafting. Think about what you want to do, take a look at the requirements that the schools you are thinking about for college and see how they line up with what you are taking.

Talk to your teachers, and maybe a guidance counselor. See if you can identify what your stresses are, and maybe keep a journal so you can see where you are spending your time.


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do not drop out. i’m sophomore in extreme college good now and that i will nonetheless remember the 1st 2 months of my freshman 365 days. They have been the worst. In center college i replaced into acquaintances with almost all of us, even the teachers have been such great acquaintances with me. Then as quickly as I went to extreme college each and every thing replaced into new. I knew only approximately no one. the teachers appeared advise. It replaced into poor. After a at a similar time as I have been given used to it or maybe made acquaintances with the countless teachers. In a number of my instructions there have been a gaggle of immature classmates that disrupted the class continuously, getting only approximately not something carried out, yet they have been hilarious or maybe nevertheless they disrupted the class a million/2 the time they nonetheless have been given the optimal grades. you somewhat only could pay interest, get extreme scores at school (that’s what maximum faculties seek for besides). you shouldn’t rigidity out too plenty do not choose for an option, they at the instant are not something like the actual element. Get out and make acquaintances, somewhat with the seniors because of the fact they comprehend only approximately each and every thing there is to comprehend while surviving extreme college (they have been surviving it for 4 years). So do exactly not drop out. existence has its up and downs and so does extreme college.

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think about these things:

*how fast primary school has gone (how many years)

*This quote: “in 30 yrs, it won’t matter what clothes you bought, what colour your hair was and what shoes you wore, what matters is what you learnt”.

*School is a privilege. Some kids don’t get to go to school because their parents are too poor

*You are learning for your future.

*In a few years time you will want to go back to school because you will miss it, no matter how hard it was for you.

hope that helped cos it did for me 😛