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new country new school help!!?

school just started august 8th…so like its goin to be my fourth day this monday…

am supposed to be a freshman for my age but they placed me into the 10th..thats nice..they’re making me take subjects that are for juniors and seniors..

but am failing socially..in my older school..I got friends to hang out with..or talk to here..now am here in GA i dont have anyone to hang out wit..or eat lunch wit..and its been a big adjustment for me..like for the whole day i dont talk..cuz everyone thinks am a geek a nerd or whatever..but am really not..i dont look like one too..which is just.. 🙁

i can say that i got used to bein popular but not too popular

am like in the middle..but now..i dunno what to do…am excelling academically..but socially failing..help me.

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hey there..i was in the same situation as yours a year ago.

i understand where you’re coming from. I also went through everything you said. All that I did is do well with school work. Then from there, I met a lot of people who were really interested in school the same way I was.

just think of it as a phase in your life. it will be better soon. trust me. I failed socially like you did, and I still feel that way right now. But I feel much better that I have acquaintances, rather than not knowing anyone.

don’t think too much of being alone. it will just put you more down. if no one hangs out with you. it’s ok. read a book. listen to music. stay in the library.

i know it’s hard. just keep your spirits up.

by the way, before moving where did you come from??


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I’m sorry to hear that, but good work with the academics for sure. My advice would be to join a club or a team and get involved. You don’t have to be good at it, just pick something that interests you or you’ve always wanted to try. There should be things on the announcements about them or fliers around school. This will really help you meet people with similar interests that you can be friends with. Best of luck, I’m sure things will work out for you

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Haley Mae
Sadly here in the US schools we have major issuses with popularity. I’d say try to find some one like you and make friends. then other people will learn more about you = more friends. OR. Join more clubs, teams or classes = more friends. For example, i am a satr wars geek and my grades suck usually. So I joined our marching band and I may not be very over the top popular, but i have loads of friends.