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Lets talk about School Vouchers!?

I am really wondering how everyone feels about school vouchers. Here’s what I am looking for for a Best Answer:

-Well thought through answer

-More than a few lines

-Not only touching on why your opinion is correct, but why the opposing view is wrong.

Don’t know what a School Voucher is? Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_vouchers

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I think school vouchers are a good idea. Here is why I think this.

Parents are totally responsible for the education of their children and should be able to use the money [collected] by the government to educate their children as they see fit. Most people will use the public school in the district where they reside. People like me would prefer to look around and pick, perhaps, a different school, maybe even a private one. It gives parents a choice.

I understand the idea that “society” benefits from educating the population (I agree with this) and that’s why “school tax” is charged to everyone, and why going to school is (or was) compulsory. But I really resent and think it’s wrong, not being able to decide where I’m going to educate MY OWN child (not the government’s) by constraints of money I would (but don’t) have, because the “state” took it and TELLS me where, how, with what, and when I am to educate my child.

In the state where I live, we tried to pass a school voucher program some years ago, and it failed under the auspices of “fairness.” “It wouldn’t be fair because those who live in bad school systems with no way to transport their children to other places would be stuck, while others could move on.” I also realize teachers and school systems didn’t like it because they would end up with a population of students whose parents were perhaps less interested in the education of their children, thus poorer students. Actually, this could be true, esp. in inner city districts where schools generally tend to not be as good as in suburban districts. But it’s also not “fair” to the student who has parents who wish something better for their child to be “stuck” in that district!

There was also the issue of schools being forced out of business because they would not be able to compete with the schools that ended up with more students. I understand and can feel for the people who were worried about this. It would really throw a wrench into some people’s lives. But like the ever popular example of the buggy whip manufacturer when the automobile was invented, they would go through a rough time to get something better. We certainly wouldn’t want to have stopped car production so the whip manufacturer could stay in business!

I fortunately live in a state with “school of choice” that also will pay tuition for additional “state sponsored” educational choices, like college classes while in high school, etc. I have actually had a good experience with the system in which my son is enrolled but I still agree strongly with the principle of school vouchers.


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School Vouchers are a pain in the butt and make a mess if you pay attention.

They will do screwy things like give you 15 days to use one, or tell you you have to pay an additional fee,.. or even come up with some reasoning why you should pay the fees for both schools.

I know I am surrounded by idiots, but I hear of problems like this all over the United States.

The weirdest thing is, around here, if you check into it the other schools may be cheaper then the Public Schools. A ton of types of schools popped up here,.. and THE GOOD ONES ARE FREE! How confuseing is that? Parents don’t know until they experiment and gain experience. They assume Public is the Cheapest or even FREE.

In my area it’s one of the priciest. There are a type higher then the Good Schools that are Free. This one type is very expensive but people are snobby and do not understand it. So they let stupidity and rumors containue to damage their children’s lives and thinking.

So I say,.. forget the usually useless Voucher,.. do research,.. lots and lots of phone time.


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The No Child Left Behind act implemented school choice or vouchers in order to make sure that every child is able to receive a quality education regardless of their ethnic background or income level. Vouchers will not accomplish this goal, because private schools are allowed to discriminate on whom they allow to apply to their schools and they are under no obligation to report Adequate Yearly Progress scores unlike public schools. Normally to get into a private school the child must take and pass a test, write some type of essay to be given to the private school, and in some instances give a donation (though this does not always assure acceptance). Now if a child is from a failing, low-income school they may be at a disadvantage when taking private school tests. Even if they do in fact pass the test the vouchers don’t always cover the entire cost of the private school. Furthermore Catholic schools or parochial schools are usually the cheapest private schools therefore many students end up at these schools regardless of their religious beliefs.

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Government-run voucher systems are very debatable, and they have got been criticized from 2 very exceptional angles. The first frame of feedback alleges that aggressive markets aren’t good fitted to the discipline of schooling, and that any college reform established on privatization, festival, and parental option is doomed to failure. A abstract of those arguments, with responses, will also be observed by way of clicking right here. The moment frame of feedback states that executive-funded scholarships might no longer create a really loose academic marketplace, however as an alternative might perpetuate dependence on executive investment and legislation to the continuing detriment of households. These arguments, along side responses are defined right here. Also plenty of personal colleges are religiously run, separation among church and state strike a chord. When they pay their reasonable proportion of taxes then they must be ready to get federal investment for schooling. That is going for the church buildings themselves desire to sway humans politically pay the rate via taxes!!!