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I’m writing a school paper and would like to know if anyone could help?

I’m writing an editorial on why all countries should agree to the biological weapons convention but am having some problems coming up wiith legit reasons why. My teacher is also asking for opposing arguments which are causing even more of a hassle, so does anyone have any information or oppinions that could be useful?

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Arguments for it:

If all countries were party to this then there would be no stockpiled biological weapons anywhere in the world within 9 months.

If a country did start producing such weapons, the other countries in the convention have the right to cooperate against that problem and solve it along with the United Nations Security Council.

A country can not allow such weapons to be produced/purchased/stockpiled by anyone within it’s borders. So, even if the government is not doing it, it has the obligation to prohibit it’s citizens from doing it as well, thus ensuring each country is fighting biological terrorism within it’s own borders.

All countries agree to help any other country that is exposed to danger by biological agents.

Arguments against it:

It’s redundant with the Geneva convention, which already prohibits the use of biological weapons. If someone is going to ignore the Geneva convention and use bio weapons, they’re probably just as happy to ignore this new convention and do what they want anyway.

It allows for the substances to be held in limited quantities for specific purposes. It might be easy to falsify those purposes and have the substance for weapons use.

It’s somewhat vague, which can lead to ambiguity, which can lead to problems.

It doesn’t really have detail on how this will be supervised nor verification that other countries are following it.

It doesn’t have punishment for countries that get a complaint about their weapons.

At the end of the day, this is just another piece of paper. If a country or group wants to use biological weapons, nothing in this document will actually do a thing to stop them.