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How was Napoleon Bonaparte a bad leader? 10 Points =)?

I’m involved in this class debate, and I have to discuss Napoleon. I’m chosen to be AGAINST Bonaparte.

“Imagine that Marat, Robespierre, and Danton bring Napoleon to trial after his defeat at Waterloo. Make up a list of the charges these leaders of the French Revolution might bring against him”

You can disregard the question…=P…I just need to know how Bonaparte was bad…

Thanks a bunch! Answers will be faved!

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Joe Schmo from Kokomo

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He was considered by some to be the second Anti-Christ. But who’s counting?

He was a Tyrant who made himself Emperor for life.

His wars of conquest made life miserable for many many Europeans during his rule.

Napoleon’s name is often connected with overreaching military ambition and delusions of grandeur.



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1800-02-13, introduction of the economic employer of France 1802-04-08, Concordat with Rome (Pius VII) 1802-05-01, introduction of the 1st Lycées (gymnasiums *one million) 1802-05-19, introduction of the Légion d’Honneur 1803-04-07, the “franc germinal” (named after the call of the month interior the progressive calendar) replaced into favourite, coming up a gold franc containing 9/31 g (290.32 mg) of effective gold 1804-03-21, the Civil Code (Code Napoleon) is favourite 1806-05-10, Universities reopened for first time by using fact the hollow days of the revolution accompanied on 1808-05-17 with the aid of the Bachelor’s degree 1810-02-12, new penal code put in introduction of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Church of the Madeline, 3 bridges in Paris, shape of hundreds of fountains and parks during France. The roads interior the country are shaded with the aid of Chestnut wood with the aid of considered one of his stages. His regulations and regulations finally gave France economic and political stability. Highwaymen have been a difficulty of the previous (one income of mass conscriptions). commerce replaced into inspired (in all fairness) regardless of if hindered with the aid of the British blockade. on the unfavorable section, he had an somewhat authoritarian regime which provided him armies which he (finally) lost

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continental system-was intended to cripple England’s Economy. Instead it starved the countries under French rule out of much needed supplies.

attacked Russia during the Russian winter-French Army weren’t prepared for an invasion during winter. lost half of army out of 600,000