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Im good at science but okay at math…can i be a doctor??

so i live in canada and i want to become a doctor…any kind really

i get high 80s low 90s in chemistry and biology, but right now im in university math and i have a 77….can i be a doctor??

i mean im good at math but not super and i get it but do bad on my tests….any suggestions about if i can be a doctor or not…

i would really appreciate it 🙂

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Of course you can be a doctor. Though it will not be a good thing for your application for future jobs, in the long run, nobody even looks at wether you went to Harvard or a state university as much. As long as you can do a good job as a doctor, it doesn’t really matter.

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Yeah, you should be able to. Science is more important than math in doctor work. If your grades are too low to get into med school, try to find a tutor or something to help you. Good luck!