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If a high school students is going to drop out, should he/she at least tell his teachers?

How would you teachers feel if the student all of a sudden dropped out and you never were expecting it? Do you think you would call that student and beg them to come back?

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Vince M

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If the teacher cared about the student, on a personal level, they might, at least, call to find out what happened. Believe it or not, it would, certainly, be the schools administrators that would act to find out, since, in many school districes, funding distribution for the schools depends on daily attendance.

Almost certainly, the school would contact the parents about the student’s sudden disappearance. In fact, it may be a legal requirement if they though the student might be at physical or emotional risk.


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I don’t know of any teachers who would beg a student to come back. Most would encourage the student to return or to finish his/her education somewhere else.

If a student wishes to drop out he is not obligated to tell the teachers but it would be nice to tell them. He/she may want to thank the teachers for helping him/her when they could and let them know that they are not the reason he/she is leaving.

A lot of this depends on what kind of student he/she is. If this student missed a lot of school , did not complete assignments, and just wasn’t interested at all in school, then some teachers will think he/she is better off getting a GED.