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If a character is thinking to himself are quotations recquired?

for example, if I have

Jimmy knew his parents wouldn’t let him go to the park. What if I write a note, he though

would it be like that or like this

Jimmy knew his parents wouldnt let him go to the park

“What if I leave a note?” he thought.

or a different way?

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It is perfectly correct to use quotation marks as you have done.

“Good for you!”, I thought.

If a character is thinking to himself it is only necessary to put it in quotation marks if you happened to mention it in your story otherwise he can keep his thoughts to himself.

Single quotation marks are used only when quoting within a quote.


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old lady
This is an interesting question, because you will find it expressed both ways. It’s called ‘house style’ and that means that each printing or publication house has its own preference. There are a couple of things of this nature – they are neither right nor wrong – that go toward making a particular style of writing or publishing.

Another option is to put the thought in italics, without quotes.

Does that help?


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The old man
Yes, quotation marks; in this case his mind is asking itself a question

It’s a case of the sub concious talking to the unconcious


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This is a matter of style. There is no right or wrong, but you need to stick to one style throughout the story. Of course, your teacher will decide the style you should use, and the first one is “safe”

I thought I should go to town.

I thought, “I should go to town.”

I thought, ‘I should go to town.’

The other trick is to rephrase the sentence:

I told myself, “I should go to town.”

My inner voice said, “I should go to town.”


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i love m&ms ๐Ÿ™‚
yes, use the quotation marks in that matter..hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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no use usually just put it in italics, bold the font, of put the word between these things – ()

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no, don’t have to be. doesn’t matter.