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neil v

i have a question.?

I need advice what to do with my studies….?

hi, i’m 19 years old and I graduate in high school in philippines, do I need to go back in 12 grade here in US even i’m 19 already?…Do you think they will accept me?…for me i want to go back in 12 grade just to explore and adjust myself here..thnx for answering this question I really need you answer now…thnx again

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Ofcourse they will accept you, don’t worry about it. They understand that each region of the world has its own education system.

Yes, u can think about possible career choices in 12th grade, make sure and pick as many different subjects as you can.

But in college you will have even more time to think about it. You dont have to declare a major until later in your college career.

Good luck!