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I have a daugter in kindergraden and we just moved so she had to transfer schools.?

She is having difficulties. She was never i trouble at her old school and now that we’ve been here at the new school shes been in trouble three time. She also says shes bored. This new school is a below average school and really slow,unlike her old one. I was jusg woundering if i shoulnd just trensfer her to a different one?

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two choices really home schooling which has its pros and cons or transferring her to a private school where you know what the coarse study is

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You have several options,; first look into home schooling her, that would be my choice, since Kindergarten is really not mandatory, and there are so many opportunities in home schooling for a child, as well as their family.

You could try it at least for this year, it will also give her the needed time to make the adjustments from the move.


Second look for a good private school, some have parent participation giving you a real good idea of what is being taught.


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i think that you really should transfer her, because that might effect on her grades and behavior.