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i struggle to get motivated and revise whats the best revision technique?

When revising for exams i have no idea how to get going. If i read notes it goes through one ear and out the other and i can’t sit and read i end up fidgeting incontrollably. when i copy pages of notes my mind goes numb and i forget. My room is so small and cramped and it’s difficult to study in there and with the computer and the tv i get distracted I also find myself daydreaming.

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We can give you lots of pieces of advice, but truthfully, a lot of it isn’t going to help you.

You need to discover what your learning style is! Until you understand how you best learn, you won’t know what study techniques are right for you. Once you know HOW you learn best, studying should be a breeze.

Based on the brief description you’ve given, I have a hunch that you are a kinesthetic learner. The best advice I can give you is to determine your learning style (see below) and learn techniques that work well for people who learn the way you do.


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1. Turn of the tv and radio

2. Only use the computer for studies and not leisure

3. Use revision websites

4. Read through notes allowed – make sure u understand it and only copy the important stuff down – u myt wanna rearrange the wording

5. Do mini tests on the topics u revise

6. Ask sumbody e.g teacher classmates parents yahoo pplz if u dnt understand sumthing

7. Eat before u start studyin and keep water nearby

8. Take regular breaks

9. Make a revision timetable and stick 2 it

10. Try and stay focussed keep sayin 2 urself if i learn this all real good it will show in ur grades n if ur religious, pray !

Good luck


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Mike G
I know it’s painful, but you need to eliminate the TV and computer distractions. Your mind needs to be focused. My technique is to find a comfortable place outside or (if you’re okay with background noise) at a public place like a bookstore or library.

If you just can’t think without something in the background, try finding some low-key music with no lyrics (classical/ jazz/ electronica/ movie score, etc.) that you can play on headphones while you study.