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fun rhymes with one?

why does everybody say fun rhymes with one, and the rhyming sites online said it too. when i looked up “fun” i see “one” as one of the rhymes but obviously it doenst rhyme

fun rhymes with wun

and one rhyme with foanh

is there something i’m not getting?

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“one” is always pronounced “wun”, not “oanh”

Just one of the English language’s many many inconsistencies, caused by the fact that it has assimilated words from so many different languages during its development.


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Fun rhymes with one.


The reason is because the spelling has nothing to do with it, as long as the main ending part has an exact sound. It’s just that usually, the spelling might be the same like ‘kind’ and ‘mind’. But rhyme just means a word agreeing with another in terminal sound, not a word agreeing with another in terminal spelling.


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You’ve got that right !!

A ‘rhyme’ is a similar sound in another word.

It doesn’t have to be spelled anywhere near like the word it’s intended to ‘rhyme’ with !!

This is probably a ‘straight’ answer to a purposely stupid Q.


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one is pronounced “wun”. Isn’t English great?