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Does anyone have experience/advice about being an 18 y/o high school senior living on their own?

We’re moving out of state at the end of December, but my son will be just entering his final semester of high school. He will turn 18 before we leave. It’s not fair to move him, so we plan on renting a room for 5 months so he can stay at his current high school. He would join us for the summer before returning to start college.

He doesn’t have any friends with an extra room, and the relatives have nixed the idea of him staying with them. This is a college town, so there are lots of college room rentals available.

He’s not a party-type, drinker or drug user, he’s more likely to become one with his computer or game system. We can pay his rent and give him a food allowance, but that will stretch our budget near to breaking, since we will be establishing ourselves elsewhere at the same time.

So, does anyone have any experience living alone while in high school? What are the pitfalls he (and we) need to watch out for? Are there any advantages?

Is there a better alternative?

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It would be a shame to make him move when he is already 18, and ready to graduate from high school. It is too bad that no relatives/friends can take him in.

I would be worried that if he moves into the college-type dwellings, that he could turn into a party-type. Maybe not, but it might bring temptation his way.

However, 18 is legal–old enough for a person to live on their own, and it sounds as though your son has a good head on his shoulders. Try to rent him a room in a house with a nice family–a family with house rules.

The advantage is that he will be able to graduate with his class, and learn about responsibility. My middle son was also a computer and game addict (until he married), and he did have friends with interests similar to his own–and did not get into any trouble.

It might be good to encourage your son to get a part-time job–this way, besides responsibility, he may learn how to budget money–and it is less free time where there is a possibility of getting into trouble.

I took off when I was 18 (but I had just finished high school), and lived in a women’s hotel for a while. Some of the girls were pretty wild–but I did not get into any of the things that they did. Some of the girls did share my interests–and that’s who I stuck with. (I wound up going back home in less than one year).

I wish you luck, and I wish your son luck 🙂


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Firstly this is the U.K. site Secondly I didn’t go to a High School, we had an exam called the 11 plus which earned you a place in a Grammar School if you passed. If you failed you were forgotten about in a Secondary Modern School. I was a dyslexic 11 plus failure and left Secondary Modern School and was working in a coal mine when I was aged 15. There was no stopping on at school after 15 as that was the upper limit. Having said all that I believe my English, grammar, spelling and general writing syntax is as good if not better than a lot of younger people who contribute to this site.

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well…my brother’s friend did that. she was the best athlete ever, soccer captain..whole wammy. but than she “hated” her parents (who are really nice), moved out, and is now a total slut. One thing he has to watch out for is responsibility. If he’s the kind of kid who likes to be on his own, he’ll try to grow up to fast, and kinda blow off his school.

good luck!


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have him get a job so he has something to do in his spare time… and you won’t have to give him so much money.

You seem to have the perfect son.. you won’t have to worry about him getting in trouble with the law..