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Does ADD just go away?

I believe I did have ADD when I was a child. No one ever told me, but I was disruptive and I failed the second grade. It went untreated, but I figured that it just “went away” when my grades improved greatly in high school. I graduated with honors, but I had to put a great deal of effort into my studying because I could not absorb info as well as other people. I do suffer from depression, however.

In the 3rd grade I would have some people pull me from class and observe me as I played with some toy soldiers and dinosaurs. I still don’t know what the purpose of that was.

In the 4th grade I was put to sit in the back of the room, near the sink, and apart from the rest of the students.

Does this sound like it might have been ADD. Should I seek some kind of help? I am already on Lexapro (since last Wednesday).

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First off ADD isn’t a fictitious disease like some believe. I have ADD and have had it since I was about 9 (I am now 20). In children it’s often good to get medicine so that they don’t disrupt other children. However as an adult (especially an adult who has grown up with this without the aid of medication), I personally would suggest you find ways to help you function.

For me, I personally have difficulty remembering things so I’m a compulsive list maker.

Also it can just go away. When I was younger my ADD was much stronger and now it’s not as prominent. Many doctors me and my mom (who also has ADD) have gone to have said it can go away as you get older.


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ADD is a fictitious disease in the first place.

What others call ADD I call just being a normal human being.

There are plenty of reasons why we can look like we have ADD. Diet, sitting all day, flourescent lighting, lack of exercise, poor sleeping, and a whole bunch of other innocent little things.

Let me ask you a question. Suppose you had poison ivy all over your arms and legs. Then, you found out you couldn’t concentrate in class. Would you call it ADD or would you call it poison ivy? What I’m saying is that while poison ivy would be obvious to you, there are a ton of other more insidious things that might be distracting you.

I really scoff at and detest this ADD stuff because I have a lot more faith in the human race than doctors and pharmaceuticals do.


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No, I don’t think it goes away.

ADD is like dyslexia and as an adult you learn to work around it until almost no one knows you have it.

Yes you should seek help but don’t expect too much. Most doctors don’t have a good handle on it and there aren’t that many support groups available.

Be proactive because nobody knows your mind better than yourself.


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I think you should see someone for a proper diagnosis because you might be suffering from bipolar or depression -please see a professional,this is something that can be treated but not by anyone in” yahoo answers”.

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if it was ADD, most adults find it decreases as they get older, but I don’t believe it ever completely goes away – just easier to deal with & control