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night hawk

can you pleeeeeeease help me with my personal statement ? iam so frustrated!!?

hi guy’s,iam trying to write a personal statement to send to uk university for studying a mba ,what do you think of my p.s?

what does it need to make it distinguished because i really really want to accepted in this university so bad!! btw this p.s is a first draft and need to be edited more.tks n adv.

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Where is your personal statement? I cannot help you because I’m not sure where it is so I can read through it. Is it for the college in general or is it for a specific department? If so, what dept. is it for?

Be clear, concise, and answer the questions the college asks you. Make sure there are no spelling errors, and DO NOT use abbreviations or slang (for example, btw or tks n adv).

Make sure you fall within the page limit the college specifies. Have at least 3 people proofread it — one person who doesn’t know you very well or who is not in your field.

Also, be sure not to sound arrogant (that if they do not accept you they will be missing out — you can easily be replaced in their pool of applicants). Just sound assertive and proactive — like you are not afraid of new, challenging tasks.

Hope this helps. Good luck.