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Can you add to or complete this story about the ongoing escapades of Lady Minerva???

Lady Minerva decided she had had enough!! Every man she had given a chance to, had failed miserably.”Men are beasts” she said.”I’ll join a nunnery, then they’ll ALL be sorry”. She went to visit the Sisters of St Mary to see if they would have her…….

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Lady Minerva decided she had had enough!! Every man she had given a chance to, had failed miserably.”Men are beasts” she said.”I’ll join a nunnery, then they’ll ALL be sorry”. She went to visit the Sisters of St Mary to see if they would have her…….

However the sisters took one look at Lady Minerva’s stilettos and her dark crimson shade of burgandy toe nails peeping at them under her lacey skirt, and told her that they were functioning at full capacity this year.

Lady Minerva, unsatisfied and frustrated, decided to take a long walk through the enchanted forest lying behind the nunnery that stretched all the way to the Castle in the Air.

She felt her nerves calming down as she sauntered on the beautiful pathway that curved through some of the most breathtaking flowers she had ever seen, though for the life of her, she couldn’t name any of them.

Suddenly she saw the most handsome face she had ever laid eyes on, (and boy, had she laid her eyes on some) and she stared transfixed. There was something enigmatic in his stare as he calmly and unhurriedly watched her, which mixed with the glint of amusement in his eyes.

Then suddenly remembering that she had sworn off all men, she lifted her chin and continued to walk, while grabbing her skirt to prevent from tripping on it, since- though she wouldn’t admit- something about his quiet, smoldering way of watching her had crept under her skin.

Shortly after she passed by the bushes that he was standing behind, she heard a rustling voice that made her realize that he had stepped out of the bushes and was standing on the path right behind her.

She turned around with the full intention of giving him a piece of her mind about how unbearable men can be and she didn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore, she froze.

The creature standing in front of her was no mere man. He was a Centaur, half man-half horse, standing in all his masculine glory. There was something so virile about him that Lady Minerva could only stare, her cheecks flushed in pink, her lips parted, and unable to utter a single snide remark.

She had been seing this in her dreams for a long time now. Only, she used to think that it was a sign that the person meant for her to join had to be a sagittarius, she had never thought that she would meet Mr. Sagittarius himself!!!

She couldn’t remember the exact motions she went through, where she went from standing there gawking at him open-mouthed, to flying into his arms and feeling the muscles on his chest on her own breasts while being locked in an eternal kiss.

From then on, the love story between Lady Minerva and her beloved centaur became a legend in the kingdom.

Not once had anyone seen Lady Minerva, since the day those two had met, without wearing a wide grin on her face that went from ear to ear.

Apparently, fairy tales do come true.



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The Sisters of Saint Mary were truly a pious bunch, and believed in redemption and forgiveness. Despite Lady M’s, shall we say, checkered past, they were willing to take her desire to join their order at face value. They admitted her to the convent and gave her the robes of a novitiate. First, the sisters told Lady Minerva about the vow of silence that she would be required to observe. Lady Minerva wasn’t so sure about the vow of silence, but she shrugged and decided that maybe she wouldn’t have much in common with the others in the order, and perhaps some time away from truculent badgering of men would be a good thing. Then the sisters told her that she would be required to listen exclusively to religious music. Lady Minerva appreciated Handel, Schubert’s Mass in G and The Heavens Are Telling, but she began to think long and hard about an existence without Clapton, George Michael, and Chuck Berry. Finally, the sisters told her about the vow of poverty, and how she would be required to relinquish all her worldly possessions. Well!!! THAT was just too much. She could not consign herself to wearing drab clothing and drinking communion wine (only a swallow at mass) for the rest of her life. She excused herself from the convent and went outside to think. Perhaps joining an order because men had failed miserably was the wrong thing, she thought to herself. Perhaps she was consigning herself to suffer because of the failings of others. Moral: Be careful not to invoke punishment that will disadvantage yourself as well as your intended victim!

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I am Sunshine
Lady Minerva decided she had had enough!! Every man she had given a chance to, had failed miserably.”Men are beasts” she said.”I’ll join a nunnery, then they’ll ALL be sorry”. She went to visit the Sisters of St Mary to see if they would have her…….

Lady M. rang the bell by the side of the convent’s door.

Sister Madeleine Madalinski,WELL aware of Lady M.’s reputation, greeted her.

Sister Madeleine,out of the side of her mouth……” Keep your eye on her, sisters. She’s a wild one.”


Lady M. dropped to her knees and crossed herself:

“Hail Mary, full of grace. My life has gone to hell.

My men proved false. I’m at a loss. That’s why I ring your bell.

Please let me in. I know I’ve sinned. But all those days are done.

I’ll show respect. I’ll genuflect.

I want to be a nun.”


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attractive woman Minerva went to a coarse fringe of city, time-honored to be frequented by “women of the evening.” There, she secured the centers of Rose Randall, between the greater infamous women human beings of that occupation. She paid Rose double her generally taking place fee, and defined to her the plan. Minerva then went to work out Mrs. Hyacinthe Ringrose, an exceptional and virtuous lady with a extreme-minded experience of justice, and an extreme dislike for Lord Reilly. contained in the previous, Lord Reilly had additionally propositioned Mrs. Ringrose, and then unfold rumors approximately her while she declined to succumb. At his familiar time, Lord Reilly exchange into walking contained in the very busiest component of city, on his thank you to the Dartmouth Gentleman’s association for his late afternoon highball. He in simple terms reached the front of the construction, while Rose strolled up and and pronounced “i do no longer have confidence you have met my toddler, Lord Reilly. it incredibly is yours!” Rose intently spread out the blanket from around the face of a toddler that she exchange into donning — one that in certainty have been born to Hyacinthe some months till now. absolutely everyone on the city observed Lord Reilly’s face bypass ashen. His knees buckled and he sunk to the stairs in front of the Dartmouth Gentleman’s association. It exchange into sparkling to absolutely everyone that he have been with Rose, or he does not have regarded so stricken with regards to the accusation. be conscious unfold without postpone in the time of the city, and Lord Reilly’s days of propositioning and bullying women human beings have been over. author’s word: Apologies and thank you for borrowing from formerly questions by Silva and SunnyMac.

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Then they sent her to Hogwarts to teach Harry Potter!