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Are my SATs and ECs good enough for getting into these colleges?

go to a highly competitive school, actually the best in the state. I have a 4.1 gpa, 3.8 unweighted.


Math: 700

Critical Reading: 710

Writing: 790


Spanish: 800

Chemistry: 750



English: 5

Latin: 4

AB Calculus: 3

I’m one of the best saxophone players in the region and the best in the district. Have recieved Musician of the Year Award all three years I’ve been in Band in high school. I have +200 hours of volunteer service at a hospital. I’m fluent in another language, and I’m an underrepresented minority. I’m from Honduras and moved to the United States the summer before 4th grade. National Honor Society. Secretary of Latin Club Multiple Awards for the National Latin Exam (at the national and regional level). I’m also part of my schools crew team (rowing) and have medaled at every regatta.

What are my chances for

University of Chicago or Columbia University

Harvey Mudd and Pomona?

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Sounds good! I think you have what these schools are looking for.

UChi and Columbia are two of my favorite schools – you would definitely have a fabulous experience there. The Southern Cal schools are very different. – very good students go there, but the atmosphere is quite different from UChi and Columbia – in these schools there is not the slightest doubt – you are in an environment where intellectual life is primary and is second to nothing in importance. I’m not sure you will find that in California.

It is a humbling experience to stand in the middle of the quad at Columbia or Chicago and understand that you are in the heart of one of the great intellectual engines of the world. Not everyone can understand that, and even fewer can experience it as a full member…

Go for it!

ps. Although what Fly says about Harvey Mudd is true, he apparently doesnt realize that it is even more true at Chicago. UChi is one of the few elite schools in the world where really famous professors focus on teaching undergraduates. Every professor teaches them. And the profs there are famous for spending a lot of time with their students… check the comments on some of the student forums and you’ll see MANY comments about UChi students having personal experiences with famous profs. Plus, unlike Harvey Mudd, Chicago is a huge research place. They have absolutely state of the art world class research facilities within walking distance of the undergrad dorms (which are all small and very personalized). The freshman bio majors take classes in the lab next to the medical school student lab… everybody working together on cutting edge research.

You must decide if you are ready for the big time or you just want to spend four years chilling with some smart kids in a small pond.


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Fly On The Wall
Matt really plugged Columbia and Chicago, and I don’t disagree. But at Harvey Mudd you’re going to have professors who will take specific, individual interest in you and in your career. And believe me .. the professors at those small schools are not slouches. They’re extremely bright, top-level people who deliberately chose to teach in a college where more of the emphasis is on student teaching and student interaction rather than on “publish or perish.”

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Brenda J
you seem like a good “all around” student. You have multiple interests and diversity. That is what colleges look for–even more than just GPA. I think you will do well.



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