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Why is school funding so confusing?

I used to work in a title I school and seemed like they got so much money they were able to send teachers to this conference, to that one, even out of state ones. Also if a teacher needed teaching materials (like guided reading books, etc) it was very easily granted. I moved to a regular school, and according to the principal, they are not able to send any teacher to any prof. development training because they would have to pay the sub and it’s not in their budget. I also asked them to get me a set of leveled books that I could share with my grade level, and was denied…”we don’t have the budget”. It’s hard to believe, that a school in the top 10 of the district cannot send their teachers to conferences or get them materials because of the budget! How can I go above and beyond? Will I have to suck it up and deal with it?

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Title 1 has very specific rules. it is reserved for the lowest achieving, highest poverty schools. Schools in more affluent areas usually have parent groups that raise funds for various items.

teachers who have not worked at both types of schools are usually shocked when they switch. Yes, you are going to have to get creative – the money is just not there for you.

grants, parent groups, scrambling..

good luck!


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Sounds like Ohio. The state supreme court ruled 4 times that the way the schools were funded was illegal. The elected offcials decided they would ignore the rulings (throwing more money at the schools won’t fix them, let’s test the kids more, that’ll do it). I know if I ignored a court ruling, I’d be put in jail, but I guess elected officials are different. I was a presenter at a state conference once and my school district told me I would have to take a day without pay to go. (I didn’t), I complained enough that I was at least able to take a personal day to “showcase” my district and students. Teaching isn’t fair, neither is the funding.

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Individual public schools are not allowed to (the district must) but individual teachers can!

Get your own grant, find a credentialled teacher you can pay from that grant money to take your place temporarily and go to Cancun for that seminar.

I knew a high school public school teacher who got a $10,000 grant to buy photogrpahic equipment.

I sold it all to him!