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Anyone know of a good 4-5 Star Charlotte, NC child care facility…?

that isn’t overpriced?! We live in S. Charlotte and as first time parents we cannot BELIEVE the cost of child care in this area! I wanted to return to work part-time but I’d almost break even, I think, if we were to place our daughter in child care!

How do people do it?!! I see middle class people all the time with their kids in high end facilities. How can you possibly afford this? Just for reference, when I am working we bring in about 100K/year.

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leslie b

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Sounds like you wouldn’t be eligible for subsidized child care, but you might want to check it out to be sure. Call your local elementary schools, social service agencies, and churches and ask for a list of preschool programs. Check them out carefully, looking not only at prices, but also licensing, teachers credentials, curriculum, children’s schedule, and try to observe a class in progress. Don’t overlook Head Start. Apply anyway, even if you’re over-income, as they sometimes accept over-income families for a variety of reasons.

Schools and churches may have more reasonably priced programs affiliated with them. Also, please remember that YOU are your child’s first teacher and primary care giver. You cannot replace this time in your child’s life. I’m wondering how old your child is. If you can stay home til your child is 3, that might be the best choice.

Good luck!


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Donna L
The best schools are usually NAEYC accredited you can find a list of these on http://www.naeyc.org/academy/web%5Fready/search/

As far as price, the best does come at a price. I don’t know how families afford it, I prefer to stay home!