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How do i fill out my Fafsa?

My parents are married, but they live seperatly. one lives in new jersey and one lives in new york. On fafsa, it asks like what state do the parents reside in and etc and how many people are in the household. I live with my mother for a few years now, not father, so what do i do?

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FAFSA wants to know your ‘parent of record’ info. This would start with which parent you lived with the most for the last consecutive 12 months. For example, if you live on your own now, or NOT with one of them…….who is the last parent you lived with in a 12 month time frame. If you lived 50/50 with them in THAT 12 month period, then it would come down to who provided more than 51% of financial support to you. I hope this answers your question. You said you live with mom for a few years so mom is the person whose complete information including financial will be provided on the FAFSA. Do NOT list any father information (unless mom is currently married – you must list step father info) as this will throw your FAFSA into verification.

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Shelley B
It’s all about which parent provides more than half of your support. If you live with your mother, then you probably receive more than half of your support from her. Therefore, you would file with your mother’s information. When it asks your parent’s marital status, choose separated. Include only your mother’s income and asset information (this may be tricky if your parents still file taxes together).

For household size, include yourself, your mother and any of your brothers or sisters who live with your mother and/or receive more than half of their support from your mother.

FAFSA only wants your mother’s household information if that’s who supports you. If your mother receives money from your father for child support, that needs to be reported on Worksheet B.

Your school may ask for documentation proving your parents are separated. Usually, if your parents are not legally separated, you can submit utility bills proving they occupy different homes.