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bike man

how can congress impact the policies of the pres.?

how can the pres. impact the policies of congress?

-predict who will come out on top in the current area of contetntion need to so a 2 pg on this

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I had a teacher one time who said, “The president proposes; congress disposes.” It meant that the president can ask for anything he wants, but congress gives him what THEY want. Sometimes it’s a pretty freaked out view of what he asked for and he may veto it. On the other hand congress can pass whatever laws they want, but if the president doesn’t like it, it doesn’t have to get done. The executive branch executes or carries into action. No action is no law.

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Samuel Park
ok. well congress can veto any bill the Pres. tries to pass. But only if there is the required majority which is a 2/3 majority i believe. Also, congress has the power to pull out the Military from foreign countries as long as its in the 100 days window. If they dont take any action, the pres. can keep them there. Congress also has the power to declare war. the pres. also has that power but its slightly limited by Congress.