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Grand Phuba

Which will heat faster by radiation?

a piece of stone

a black cloth

a white cloth

a transparent piece of glass

a dark piece of glass

If I exposed them to sunlight such that they don’t touch the ground and so that heat will transfer to them by only radiation and not by conduction..

…which will be the hottest after ten minutes

…which will be the least hottest after ten minutes

If it was then brought inside a room after the heating process above…

…which will be the coolest after ten minutes?

…which will be the warmest or still warm?

If you have the time…could you explain why. Thank you very much for answering seriously =D

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Sarah W

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The first one… I would say a dark piece of glass because 1) the black/dark will absorb the light faster. And the glass absorbs energy better than the black cloth?

The ten minute question…not sure…. 🙁

And the question brought inside…

The light class would be the coldest

and the stone would be the warmest. I’m thinking the stone’s particles are more closely packed than the others, so it would better hold theh eat. But the light glass wouldn’t.

I’m actually not sure…just making my best guess. Perhaps try looking up radiation qualities or properies, or look through your book for a similar type question. Good luck.


4 years ago
warmth transmission through radiation is faster. it is as a results of fact, in radiation the warmth passes as an ability that’s the very reason it travels at gentle velocity. on the different hand, in conduction, the warmth passes through shifting from particle to particle.