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Where can you buy a paper bookcover in chicago?

you know, for textbooks. If you know how to make one, can you explain?


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Maybe Wal Mart, K mart etc. Easy to make use a brown grocery bag, or a heavy bag from you favorite store. Lay the book on a smoothed out bag on wrong side open book and make a pencil mark at each end. remove book. Add 5 to 7 inches on each end, 2-3 inches to side. cut out around the second line (not the book line) fold in to book lines. lay the boo on top and at the book spine both side make a small cut. fold that in unfold the rest and lay the book on top front and back fold paper over and sides fold in all set. do not tape to boo itself because it moves but you could make it like an envelope taping side and front/back. Hope this helps

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I used to go to my local butcher. Butcher paper is great. Just copy the pattern from any book cover. Simple.