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What should I do? I’m really angry and no idea how to get over this?

In two months I will go in grade 11 and I’m seriously angry at how things are turning out. I study a lot for my tests, quizes, everything. I have a timetable and I listen in class and my marks are always 73%. What am I supposed to do? I just got back my results for exams and I thought I would get 90 or more but it turned out to be 70%. I’m really angry and frustrated. My parents tell me I can’t go to university with these marks but I have no idea what to do. I wake up early at 7:30 to go to my math tutor. This summer I registered for a preview of next year’s English and I’m doing all these things and at the end the marks are always bad. Grade 11 starts in September and I seriously want to do good this year but no idea on what to do because I tried everything and I always failed.


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Relax… You are doing great but you just haven’t found your way to learn yet. My advise is to try different tutors. Keep trying until a teaching style sticks. As for the grades don’t worry you should be able to make most university’s with a 70% but if one you want won’t accept you try a two year college as a spring board to get your grades up and grasp the college life then transfer to any university of your choice.

Just keep your training and studying habits up and you will exceed in the work place without a doubt!

Good luck!


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The Soap Man
Stop stressing out dude!

You need to relax and rethink the point of waking up every morning! Look into your self and try to find a field you are pulled to (your interests, hobbies, etc.), what classes are your marks the highest in?

OK so you won’t be going to Yale after high school, big deal man! You can have a happy and fruitful life going to a trade/specialized school in a field of your choice. You may be spreading yourself too thin by attempting to get awe- inspiring grades in ALL your classes, pull your focus in on what matters.

After a few years out of HS, I realized that most institutionalized education is full of BS; real life happens outside of a classroom.

And hey, when you’re nervous taking a test, take a moment to center your thoughts and go with your first instict. Stressing out over the grade and second guessing your self will lower your test taking abilities.

Are you eating a balanced diet, are you getting Breakfast in before your tutor? Are you getting enough sleep/rest? Is the tutor suited to your learning style? Do you know your learning style -that could solve many of your problems!

If I were you; Learn meditation. you’ll be amazed at the answers already in your mind if you can learn to shut the noise off.

Good luck, Bud! Learn to relax and enjoy the moment, rather than worrying about next month!


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If there is stuff that you need to help you with tests and such try:

memorization (this really helps with a list) or things you can associate topics with (as a really poor example, to remember what parts of cells did certain things I used their names as helpers – i.e. mitochondria..i thought MIGHTY and mighty relates to energy — they make energy for cells)

Use stupid rhymes if it helps – whatever it takes!

flash cards – use index cards with vocab words, or English or math rules on them and quiz yourself

for anything writing related you just need to know how to make it SOUND good even if you don’t know what you are talking about.. increase your vocabulary if you need to, learn how to make up stuff about symbolism, whatever it takes

(if you can do this you can write any essay, I have taken ONE PARAGRAPH of information when I was supposed to have read a whole book and turned it into a three or four page good sounding essay which got me an A just because I reworded things to make it SOUND good)

A lot of teachers are LAZY and use bolded vocab words, end chapter questions and such on the test. If you know what these mean and the answers to these questions are you’ll probably do quite well, just from knowing this info. Study these parts of the book when studying.

As a last resort, to boost your grades if you keep doing poorly on tests, see if you can do extra credit projects or papers. Explain to your teachers that you really want to do well in the class, make sure you always do your work (so they know you are serious) and do your best on the tests and quizzes as you can, and I’m sure they’ll be willing to work with you.


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Don’t let your parents tell you that you can not get into college because of your grades. For goodness sake, those are NOT failling marks. If you must, attend community college first, then transfer to university. It will be a million times cheaper and the class sizes are smaller, guaranteeing you a better chance for one on one learning with a caring teacher. Classes during your first couple of years of college are usually in LARGE lectures, at universities.

DO NOT let your parents feel bad about your grades….YOU ARE NOT FAILING.


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You need to speak to your teachers and ask them exactly what you have to do to get better marks.

If you ask several teachers a pattern may appear i.e same missing element/lack of depth/ grammatical or structural problems e.t.c, in different subjects. Then you will know specifically what you need to improve on because you will have a target to aim for.

Your teachers should be letting you know how to improve your work anyway – it’s their job! (I’m a teacher)

P.S It sounds like you are doing really well anyway and your parents should be proud of you achievements and most of all your attitude, ambition and dedication. I would be proud to teach someone like you.


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you need a different tutor or your lying about your effort.