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I require more info about the new york city college of technology (City Tech), (CUNY), is it a good college?

i’ve already read some negative reviews on the school and would like to find out more especially about the graphics art production management department and faculty. thanks.

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Hi, Well My friend and I were reading a bit about City Tech because she is going there, for advertising/graphic art as well. It was ranked among the best tech schools in the North East. I think this school is good for people who are interested in more technical, computer related fields. I also heard many negative things about this school, such as you dont really experience the general “college life”, it does not have a very extensive or attractive campus, and the faculty tends to be a bit detached. Thats just some of the things i heard. It really depends on you. If you are going there, I suggest you make the most of your experience by joining clubs and excelling in your studies…and if you dont like it, you can always transfer. Good luck!