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what do you type..?

on the keyboard to get an accent mark & one of those squiggly line things that go over some spanish words?

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Number pad is the way to go. For the following, hold alt then press the numbers on the NUMBER PAD and when finished with combination let go. If you are on a computer without a number pad, go online to find each letter. Highlight it, copy and paste it.

á 160 ¿ 168

é 130 ¡ 173

í 161 ª 166

ó 162 º 167

ú 163 Ñ 164

É 144 ñ 165


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To get the accent over an ‘a’, ‘e’ or ‘o’ , hold down the key to the right of the spacebar marked ‘Alt Gr’, then press the ‘a’, ‘e’ or ‘o’ which will appear with the accent above it (á, é, ó).

I’m sorry but I cannot help with the squiggle you requested.


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Until I read your answers I didn’t know either; but I do know the name of the “squiggly thing” – the accent that changes senor to senyor. It is “Tilde.”

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Find the CHARACTER MAP on your computer.

(start-programs-accessories-system tools-character map).