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Scholarships with Community Service?

I am going into my junior year is over 1,000 hours of community service and hoping to double that in the upcoming years! Is there any scholarships which are based on community service.

I have already entered in my information in about 5 sites but I was looking for specific names of programs! Thank you so much!

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Although websited can be helpful, talk to your guidance counseler. Local scholarships are a much better bet. You’ve done the work in your commuinty and they will repay you for it more there….. make sure there are people at the places you’ve been doin cs at that can write you recommendation letters… they will be the most important!

check local elks, etc organizations…. YMCA….wal mart…. commuinty foundations.


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Hi You need 75 hours of documented community service.

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Submit your info at www.fastweb.com also check for listings on your local craigslist at cragslist.org hope the info helps!