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Question here?

How do i increase my Knowledge? Really want to improve alot in my studies..!!

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1) Study a little in every subject every day. Break it into periods, like 30 minutes per subject, 6-7 days per week.

2) Study before you eat. It helps you remember.

3) Question before you read, then Read, Recite, Review, for comprehension.

4) Make up little memory aides to recall lists of things.

5) Don’t drink or take drugs or smoke.

6) Get exercise, healthy diet, & good sleep.

7) Ask questions when you don’t know things.

8) Get tutoring, if necessary.


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Read a good newspaper; every section except sports.

Don’t think your local paper is a good one?

Read either the Wall Street Journal daily, or the New York Times on Sunday. Try to identify the editiorial decisions:

the times that people are labeled with descriptions they might not like or the ones that are flattering; the times that stories are put up front despite your doubt that they are important, and the times that stories are “buried” deep in the paper despite a gut feel you might have that the facts are important enough to be near page 1.

Discuss the news you think might be important with other people who you think are intelligent.


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organize! organization would help you focus on your studies and be able to do a lot of other things as well…

clean that clutter in your desk and have a place for everything and have everything in its place… it will be able to reduce your lag time studying…

make time and really follow it… school is not just about studying you still need to unwind once in a while (only once in a while do not let it take most of your time)

enjoy studying… try to enjoy studying it would really make things easier for you…

for subjects that needs solving… practice, practice, practice… solve, solve, solve so that when you get used to it… it wouldnt be that hard

for subjects that needs memorization… try to understand it, the whole process or something and associate it to one another or to other things that would not make you forget it…

sleep early… but dont sleep to much…

remember to prioritize you studies above any other extra curricular activities (but dont miss out on that!)

good luck!