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My teacher isn’t doing her job! She always makes us do projects just so that she doesn’t have to teach us.

She does like a 15 minute lecture every week, and that’s after she makes all of us summarize the chapter out loud for the first half of the class. I don’t know whether or not to talk to the principal about it or not. Should I just let it go?

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I have the same problem with my algebra 2 teacher. Our principal, vice principal, and other teachers have come in the class to look at her teaching. After that, they have talked to her and she has improved a little bit. However, I suggest you talk to her with your other classmates or she won’t change.

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Emmy Jo (13 weeks with #2)
Researchers have shown that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. It sounds like your teacher may be applying the latest teaching methods shown effective in educational research.

Some of the most effective ways to learn material are by:

1. Teaching someone else

2. Discussing as a class

3. Doing a project

4. Seeing a demonstration

Some of the least effective ways to learn involve:

1. Reading a textbook

2. Listening to a lecture

Your teacher still may be doing a great job even if she is not lecturing a lot in class. Remember that a lot of a teacher’s work is done outside of class hours. Does she research ideas for student projects? Does she provide written feedback on your projects? Does she assign grades for projects and tests? Does she help guide student discussion and summaries with questions she has prepared in advance? Does she give thoughtful answers to your questions? Do her lectures include ideas that were not straight out of the textbook?

If you still think she isn’t doing a good job, you can talk to her in private and tell her that it would be helpful for you if she lectured a little more in class. Explain to her that you are having trouble learning by just the projects. Don’t make it seem like you are criticizing her teaching style, though. Instead, make it seem like you are asking for extra help.

You could also have your parents talk (very respectfully) with the school principal and ask the school principal to observe her class. The principal will have a better idea than you do of the educational objectives your teacher is trying to meet.


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It is possible she is doing something called student centered learning. This is where she guides you in teaching yourself. This style of teaching gives immediate feedback in whether the class as a whole understands or is doing their homework or if they are being passive learners and want information spoon fed to them.

Ask yourself:

Does your teacher guide the summaries and add insight? Does she ask leading questions and invite debate?

Does the “15 minute lecture each week” bridge old and new concepts and give you enough information to continue on your own?

Is she willing to answer questions if you are confused and don’t understand a concept?

If the answer to these or most of these questions is “yes” then she is probably doing a great job and the amount you learn is up to you. You probably are learning more than you think….but you have to work for it.

By all means, if you are concerned that your teacher is not teaching then discuss it with your principal. However, it may be that she is utilizing a different technique than you are used to in class. This is very often the way that college courses are taught and it is helpful training to learn to teach yourself.


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Some teachers do teach differently than others. When teachers use direct instruction (lecturing, etc) too much, students complain that it is boring. When teacher use projects heavily, students complain that they are not learning it sufficiently that way either. It’s a tough situation. I would suggest letting your teacher know in person that you learn better with more direct instruction… it may not work, but if you ask at least she will know.

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this is the 3rd question I have read in the past 5 min about teachers not teaching.

What is wrong with them??

Tell your parents to write a letter to the principal explaining the situation and ask for a meeting with him and the teacher.


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just me
You could talk to the principal or asked to be transferred to another class. Could it be that she is trying to teach you guys to more independent learning. Some people do great with that.

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It is not that your teacher does not want to teach you. Having discussions and giving projects is just another method of assessing what youare doing. It may be used to describe what you have learned and your understanding of what is been discussed.