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ok im going to a boarding school can you tell me what is it like?

whoever answers all of the following will recive best vote:

1)whats it like sharing a dorm with another person?

2)what can you do on days off?

3)do they have internet?

4)is it really hard to agust?

5)are the teachers mean?

6)is it fun there, and if so what makes it fun?

plz answer i want to know what im in for.

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I went to a military boarding school in the United States. At first it was a very hard environment for me. I missed my Mother and Father and I was desperately home sick. Gradually, I made friends and it became very much a normal life. The Internet was not widely available when I attended so I cannot speak to that aspect. The school was very structured, not in a mean way, but in a disciplined manner. Granted it was a Military School so you can expect that things were rule driven.

The teachers were mediocre for the most part, although there were two standouts that really shaped my life. The classes were not hard. I learned because the daily routine had a lot of time for study and not much time for recreation. On the weekends we had more freedom to goof off and be kids.

We slept in barracks of 50, so the roommate thing was a big issue. There was very little private time until my junior year when we had four to a room. By that time, I had made lifelong friends and I didn’t give a second thought about boarding school.

When I got to College my study habits and the discipline came in handy. While others were struggling, getting drunk, putting on the freshman 15, I had straight A’s and made the dean’s list. It has stuck with me through my business career.

I think you’ll do fine. In the beginning, take it one day at a time and set little goals for yourself. You won’t need these crutches once you get accustomed to the environment, but they sure help in the beginning.

I wish you the best.