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sahar a

i need help please?

i am go to high school and i have bad teacher in my english class so i need to help me to make essy about ((why i want to be bilingual )) and she said if i dont bring my essy tomorow she will give me ((F))please i need your help soon as possible

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Well its really not that hard


talk about the importance of communication


why would you like to b bilingual

how would you

how will it bennefit you


summarize your thesis


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More and more places these days have large populations of new immigrants who don’t speak English. More and more companies do business overseas and can use bilingual people in many capacities. Being bilingual will be more and more useful as time goes by.

If you happen to live in the western US–actually any place in the US these days–you would know that Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the population. HIspanic radio listenership and TV viewership is at an all-time high and will continue to grow. There are whole towns in the west where Spanish is the primary language.

When the US took over much of the west from Mexico (California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona) a treaty was signed allowing the Spanish-speaking people here to keep their language and customs. So, although we don’t acknowledge it, Spanish is an ‘official’ language in these states.

Well that should be enough to get you started.


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Here is an idea you may be able to work from. I want to be bilingual becaue i like different languages. I want to be able to speak 2 or 3 different languages. I believe it would be interesting to teach 2 or 3 languages to students. I am not sure yet which I would like to teach. But, I am almost positive the student will gain from my teaching then. However I would want the students to be honestly interested. I would be good at both languages and in techniques for teach a second language. Being bilingual does not necessarily mean you can speak for example Spanish and German, Or English and French.

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Well —

State why you want to be bilingual?

I suggest addressing these reasons:

– To be more well known with cultures around the world

– To improve your understanding of the language as well as your own

I hope you get it done in time !

Hints for writing an essay:

Do the whole skeleton thing.




Now that you know the skeleton of your essay, simply add the life (the language and flow of the essay). GOOD LUCK !