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Can anyone please help me make sentences with these words?

-circumscribe: determine limits, restrict

-circumspect: heedful of circumstances around oneself

-circumstance: condition around or affecting an event

-circumvent: avoid by going around

i need help because i dont know how to make a sentence with them. i need one sentence for each word or at least just give me an idea. thanks for your help!!!

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The teachers need to circumscribe new rules because I got around all the old ones.

After yesterday’s “incident” my psychologist says I need to start circumspect.

My mommy says I’m not allowed to shove socks down my sister’s throat under any circumstances.

I couldn’t circumvent the pole in time and I crashed into it which made my forehead all purple.


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He was very circumspect around Anne, because he accidentally offended her the last time they met, and his femur hadn’t healed cleanly.

Hal’s new home for the next 6-12 months was circumscribed by a twelve foot tall fence topped with barbed wire.

The unusual circumstance of her birth meant that she was always wary around clowns.

He decided to circumvent the planning regulations by means of a large bribe.


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He was unable to explore the lake because the shoreline was circumscribed by a large fence.


At the party, she was circumspect of the noise in the room and the clinking of glassware.


The circumstance surrounding the trial was a farce.


Everyone was able to circumvent the gaping hole in the sidewalk.

How are these?