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Business Economics Major??

People, I need help!!! A day ago I was sure what I wanted to major in-business administration. Today, I heard about this major called business economics, and I don’t know much about it, but I’m thinking about changing my mind abouting majoring in B A cause for Bus. Econ major I can go to UCLA and I wouldn’t have to move ( I don’t want to) Please tell me if you know any thing about this major and if it’s better than business administ. Thank u so muchhhh.

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Well, I’m a double major in accounting and business economics so I think I might be able to help. A business econ degree is really a blend of economic theory and business decision making. Some of the things you might learn are forecasting product demand, estimating prices in markets, estimating production costs, calculating firms profitability, evaluating investments, and seeking alternative solutions to many of the firms problems.

The job opportunities for a business econ major are pretty wide open. I would say that the majority work in the private sector and use more practical applications of economic theory. This is somewhat different from a business administration degree because it emphasis the need for application of solid economic theory rather than general business knowledge. And many of the business administration degrees offer concentrations in business econ, so that might be an option. the thing to keep in mind is the school you plan to attend and in my opinion UCLA is a top notch school, so you got no problem there. I personally would take the business econ major but it can be used interchangeably and so if you decide to go for business administration it still will probably work out.


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i might say the corporate Economics significant. if your objective is to have an extra handy existence and added funds on your call then choose for the corporate college. basically as a token degree nevertheless. you additionally could make genuine funds via some fairly common banking applications and function the corporate degree as a passive status to get extra credit for investment out of your financial company. the theory is common. Borrow a $5,000 loan from you financial company and whilst they ask why, say – ‘i might opt to have some funds obtainable if an investment probability delivers itself’ positioned the $5k in a reductions account and pay off the loan. The hobbies will cancel one yet another out. Repeat and ask for $10,000 the subsequent 12 months. Do an identical. Then $25k $50k $150k once you get to the $one hundred fifty ok point. Open a funds industry account and choose for an 80/10/5/5 chop up. you should make approximately $a million million that 12 months and approximately $20 million over the subsequent 10