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ok help me now emergency?

im doing horrioble in school but i will do netter i promise now look here the issue so far my grades are



now i need two more grades and they are probably d’s so my term average is a 1.350 and my overall g.p.a is a 0.9000 i need a 1.2 g.pa. to get tap this year so i have two questions

will two more d’s move my average anywhere

and does tap mean my overall gpa or my term gpa

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The question I have is why?You need to get together.What you put into your education now is very important.There is no substitute for hard work.WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT IS WHAT YOU GETOUT OF IT.

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If your school is on a standard 4.0 scale, two D’s will LOWER it.

Let’s look at it this way

D – you know. Worth 1.0

C – you know. Worth 2.0

D – You think. Worth 1.0

D – You think. Worth 1.0.

Add all of these up … you get 5.0.

Divide by four and you get 1.25 for your term, not 1.35.

You will need to do MUCH better next semester to even bring your gpa up to a solid 1, much less a 1.2.

It is obvious by this question you need a LOT of help in school and I suggest you speak with a counselor to get that help and then BUCKLE DOWN AND DO THE WORK!


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that depends on what the courses are weighted as and how many credits they are apiece. You need to ask someone who would actually know, like a counselor.