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Is the accelerated pre-medicine program the same as 7 year or 6 year med program?

The reason I’m asking is because when I did the college search (with ONLY one criteria: accelerated pre-medicine program) on www.commonapp.org I got only ONE school : Stevens Institute of Technology. Is this right and therefore is there a point in filling out the common app?

Thanks in advance.

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No, it’s not the same. I have no idea what an accelerated pre-medicine program is. I tried searching for that but it didn’t come up. Went to Stevens Institute’s website and couldn’t find anything similar to that.

Anyways, I looked at that site and what schools are on the list. Northwestern has a 7 yr med program and is on that list. If it didn’t come up in your search, whatever term you used isn’t what you’re looking for.


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The accelerated pre-med program takes about 6 to 8 years to finish depending on the college. For example, University of the Pacific (UOP) has accelerated programs for pharmacy, dentistry, law, business, and others. UOP does not use the common app. They use their own application, so I guess if you want to apply to the S.I.T, use the common app. There are other colleges that have the accelerated program.

Off the top of my head:

Penn State

Boston Univ.

U of Miami


Drexel Univ.

Brown PLME

Northwestern HPME

Case Western

Sophie Davis

Howard University?

Hopefully this answers your questions. Good luck with everything!


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if you’re interested about European universities you can go to Paris or to the Czech republic.if you decide to go to Paris you must know very well french;but universities of medicine in the Czech republic have medicine courses in English.the university is called Charles university…you can enter the web site of the Czech republic and find more information…. you can also go to Italy if you speak Italian i hope i helped you!!!