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WOW,Is my spelling it right..demeanor? where is the defeition, can anyone else find it, or make it? wikipedia?

wikipedia, doesn’t even have a record of this. I just need to know what it means?

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Joe S

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The spelling “demeanor” is correct for the U.S.

Elsewhere, “demeanour” is more common.

It usually means conduct or behavior:

“She maintained a calm demeanor throughout the uproar.”

It can also mean facial expression as an indicator of attitude:

“Although Geoffrey was always correct in everything he said and did, I could see his demeanour slip just a wee bit hearing the duchess tell her story using plain Anglo-Saxon terms.”


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Demeanor Spelling

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Yep, ur spellin is right, Joe S. is livin in fantasy land, demeanor is the english version which americans have not yet found an easier, simpler spelling for, i imagine he’s imaginin the way we might spell it… but the defenitions u have received are pretty accurate..

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demeanor –

Function: noun

: outward manner : way of conducting oneself

NOTE: A jury may consider a witness’s demeanor on the stand in determining the witness’s credibility.


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Demeanor – behavior towards others