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help me with education problem?

I went to community college for two years but I basically wasted my money and time because I didn’t know which major to choose from and I was too lazy not focusing on some class, I was 16 years old but now I’m grown.

I’m 19 now. I’m going to Concord university. While I’m in the program for DA, I met some people that graduated from the school and they keep on telling me that I’m wasting my money because Concord university don’t give credits. I just want to complete the program since I already started, I don’t want to waste my money and stop going there. I feel so dissappointed in myself.

Right now, I want to study Sociology and Psychology so I want a degree from both majors. It’ll take me forever to graduate.

I don’t work right now because finincial aid is helping me paid for education. But they are not going to help me out after this concord school. What should I do next? start working which is 7am to 5pm or whatever time DA works while going to school? Or just work

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vikas j

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Hello Worried,

that was the name mentioned,

What i would suggest you is work n study that would be better and the best would be work in a place where your interest’s are, since u mentioned about Psychology, i feel u work for a psychologist that will give u some practical exposure and u will enjoy the work and u can see practical things happening while studying theory at university, further you will be able to support financially,

i would share my story i started with work at 14 as in India person below 14 cannot work i started helping DAD with business when i turned 18 i started as free lancers servicing computers and sales too that time i was doing my Bachelors’ in Computer Application, then in My Post Graduation i started Marketing Insurance as my Major was marketing…. this way i finished my MBA now i wanna Do Phd In Market Research so looking ahead for a Market Research Job,

SO decide and work with the related feild i am sorry i dont know much about the university u talking about but from my personal experience i am giving you this answers. Hope it gives you some solution




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It sounds like you don’t really have a goal and are just taking classes to take classes.

What are you going to do with your degree?

Is there a demand for that job?

Do you need any other classes or certification?

Is Concord able to give the certification or requirements for this job?


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Love s2
work and studdy no matter where you are there’s always something to learn