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would it be harder to take 2 of the same like classes for summer? plz help?

I have a choice to take 2 history classes to take or I can take one history and pretty much ANY (blowoffs included)….but the thing is 2 history classes in the summer?!?? Im not used to summer classes that much so yeah! what would you do?!? the admissions said I have to take that one history class and any other class and get a C in both and that will be enough to guarantee admission BUT if I choose not and just take one it will be up to them whether or not I get in! they said they would vote for my favor but there not the the only involved in that decision! so idk ….so should I just take 2 history in the summer? and that will both transfer! or I can take on history and anty other class but that class won’t transfer but will hike up my gpa!

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I think I’d take the two history ones. Later in your college career, you might wish you had taken a class that transfered and went towards your degree. Summer classes are usually somewhat easy. Easier than they would be in the fall, so it might not be too bad. I’m taking 3 classes this summer and it’s not bad.