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What would my GPA be?

I go all A’s my freshman year in high school. Sophmore year, I got two B’s. I am planning to get all A’s my senior and junior year. Would those 2 B’s affect my GPA a lot or would I be ok? Anyone know what GPA I would get, if everything goes by my plan. My school has the standard scale of A – 4 , B-3 etc. And would it be good enough to get into a pre-medical program?

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It depends on how many classes you take, total. The number changes depending on which school you go to, which state you’re in, etc.

At my school, we took seven classes per semester (though most were year-long, they still count as two semester courses). If that’s the case with you, your current GPA is 3.93. If you get all A’s your junior and senior year, your GPA will be 3.96.

Both of these *could* be enough to get you into a pre-med program. It really depends on what school you go to. The University of Arkansas (where I go) is going to be a lot easier to get into than, say, an Ivy League school. Most college websites will let you know what to expect.

Make sure you also have extracurriculars, volunteer work, etc. It also helps to take as many AP classes as you can.


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With only two B’s, i would say yes, your GPA should still come out to a 4.0. So that is good. Pre-med, is really just a major like anything else, so all you gotta do is get into college. But if your talking about a scholarship, then you should prob get involved in some after school activity, and score really good on your ACT/SAT. But yes keep up the good work and you won’t have to worry too much.

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probably yeah. good luck with getting yoru all As, and the Bs don’t worry about them.

About your GPA, it depends on how many classes you’re taking. Like at my school we take 4 classes a day… so the most would be like 8 a year (but mine turned out to be only 5!!)

Your GPA would probably be like 3.99999999 unless you’ve taken AP classes then it would be over 4.0. Either way it’s really good.

Don’t forget, they don’t just look at your GPA. They also look at your extracurricular activities, job experiences, volunteering, and act or sat scores!

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