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What type of pre req’s are needed for a real estate license?

I’m curious to know since I went straight from high school into Q school for professional golf.

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Emylie D

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There are no pre-req just a positive attitude. You can take an online course then apply for state board real estate exam. You have to wait 18 days after you sign up for the online course to take the state board exam. There is a test you have to take on the online course to obtain your license but you do not need it to take the state exam. If you need more info email me [email protected] . Goodluck

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It relies on the way you acquire your earnings. The so much usual regulation from one state to an extra depicting the desire for a truly property license is that if the person entity is paid through a fee at the sale of the truly estate

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Contact your local Realty Board. Usually you take a realtor’s class and then take a state test to get your license.