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Montesssori school question?

After 6 years of Montessori school, I thought it was really hard to adjust to public school. Because my Montessori school didn’t have an actual curriculum and we didn’t have any kind of standardized tests, it’s going to cause problems for me next year (I’m entering 8th grade). For example, on the science final exam next year, we are going to be tested on things I was supposed to learn last year, but I never learned them.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you handle it?

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I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have all of the information you need for your next step out of Montessori.

I’m not sure where your school is located but any good US Montessori school will make sure that they cover all of the state standards for each “grade” by the time you graduate. In our state the standards are so low as to be nowhere near the standards that are covered in our Montessori school. Most of our students graduate from 6 years (or 9 years if they were in our primary program) being bored in middle and high school.

It would be unusual for a school not to have any curriculum (although there are free schools that do not). I would give your Montessori school some feedback on what you are encountering as you move on. It might help other kids who are in the school.

I would suggest that you or your parents find the state standards for your state (they are posted on the internet at the department of education for your state) and review them to see what you’re missing. You might be able to do some independent study to catch up on those things you find you’ve missed.

Hope this is helpful.