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What tips do I need to know for phone interviews?? do’s and dont”s?

What tips do I need to know for phone interviews?? do’s and dont”s?

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*Ask personal bio data keeping only few important points like education, present occupation ,immediate past occupation,Important achievement hobbies & passion

* interview on which issue/ topic? , this need to be considered & focus on critical points .

* focus on only main important points to question.

* Be precise in language.

*Request answers to the point.

*Prepare yourself with list of questions & highlight important questions only.

* Manage time allotted

*One may consult friends in preparing questionnaire(Preferably a person from journalism)


Do not probe more on same question.

Avoid topics other than the main topic.

Cut lengthy answers by the interviewee. (Whimsical ,depends on the interviewee)

Do not enrange temperment if person exhibits short temper

If personal life is under various opinion, of public surrounding the person better avoid those & concentrate on topic unless your interview is on public controversy (over him/her)itself


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Relax, Be honest,and Be very polite,and speak with very clear & confedent voice.

Don’t speak very highly of yourself.

Don’t try to be somebody other than yourself.

Speak the truth and nothing but the truth.

Express your desire of learning something new.

That should be it…Unless you’re running for

president and that ,WILL NOT BE NEEDED !

My best wishes