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what’s the best way to study ?

what’s the best way to study ?

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if you like what you has to study nothing would stop you read about it, think about it, write about it, discuss about it and live around it..

i have a friend he was studying engineering but not liking it..he quit it at his third year..can you imagine..three years of waste some of us would think..but we call it “sunk cost” in business administration (which i have a bachelors degree at)

you ve already lost it..forget about it and move forward, dont lose more in an easy way of explanation..

anyway he came to our school..and he liked it and interested in it..he likes the classes and everything about the school and you know what happens..he has the highest scores in any class and he has the highest gpa at the faculty..

and he has some second major on law..cause school let him have more classes if he wants..and he accepted the genarous offer and he will have two serious,valuable major degrees in four years..

its the good example..for how to study

the bad one is me..i didnt like business administration

(i didnt want at all even at the beginning.. cause i wanted to do tv-radio-cinema; but because of my med dr. father and business-accounting masters degreed mother’s sakes i studied some serious major rather than my interest major.. )

i am in the tv business now..but it costs me two more years in college and late being in the business i dreamed..

i m doing good at tv..if you wanna know

advice: find “the thing” for you..

believe me you would sacrifice your sleep for learning about something what you are into…

you will see you dont need sleep for dreams

you will be living your “dreams” ..and people are paying you for that..


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The best way to study is to give yourself time and make games or interactive projects out of the material. But depends on the material.

Science: draw pictures, makes models, watch movies. Make the material come to life for yourself.

Math: practice problems. and study in groups, two heads are better than one ect.

English: read the material. review your notes from your teacher. write your thoughts out in quick writes to get your ideas flowing.

Spanish: watch tv, look online for interactive games.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK and really put effort into getting all the answers. This will save you so much time before a test!!

If you are waiting to the last minute and need to cram.

read all the material once really well. it seems like a waste, but then at least you have seen everythign once. in your text book pay special attention to the graph, pictures and diagrams. usually there are a lot of concepts at work in them adn they can become a great way to tie ideas together. also, be sure to give extra attention to the figures and diagrams pointed out in class. review your old homeworks. join a study group.

do the pretext preparation material.


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By teaching someone else the material. If you can teach the subject to someone else, then you’ve got it nailed.