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What does it take to get into The Ohio State Univerrsity?

I have a 3.25 gpa with honor and AP classes and i got a twenty on my a.c.t that i did not study for which I am retaking, what should I be aiming for to get into OSU

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For OSU in general you should have no problem. For specific colleges at OSU you my or may not get in. Check the website or call admissions.

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I work in the admissions department at The Ohio State University. Over the last 20 years OSU has become a very popular university. Even though we are the 2nd largest university in the US, being accepted is not easy. Every year admission standards get more difficult. If you are not a minority, or an athlete you need to score at least a 25 on the ACT. Fortunately you can take it as much as you want. Good Luck!