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Tutoring kids during the summer?

Hi, I was wondering if you people can help me with a making-money problem. You see, over the summer I would like to tutor kids in any subject they need help in, but since I am only going into 7th I tutor kids ranging from 2nd-going into 7th. But what my problem is is that will kids really want to get the skills better during the summer, will I even make any money?

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Why not give it a shot and find out? What do you have to lose? First, you need to get the word out that you are available. Tell your friends and talk to people in your area. You may want to make up some fliers that include your credentials (your grades, test scores, etc.) Include your hourly rate. Indicate whether you will tutor in the child’s home, your home, or another place, such as the local library or church. You need to determine what materials you will use for instruction, as you may be teaching different subjects and age groups. Best of luck with your venture!