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what A levels to do??

I don’t know what job i want and i’m confused about which subjects to take in sixth form. I am taking welsh, german, chemistry; and cannot decide whether to do either physics or pe. which should i do? any suggestions? thanks!

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You’ve got ask yourself, what do you enjoy most?

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do PE !!!!!!!

do not do physics unless ur really really bright. physics is very VERY hard. an A in physics would be an equivilant to an E in Pe. ( if that makes sence)

im in 6th form now and know many people taking physics. They are very bright but they are strugling a lot. It also involves a lot of maths and a lot of time

physics would require A LOT of work.

pe will be a lot more enojable.

i could be wrong and you could really love physics, if thats the case then go for it. You need to make you time at 6th form as easy and less stressfull as possible.

good luck choosing , but remeber to have a good think first.



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kunal mathur
I have just completed my IGCSE and i feel that physics is very hard in A levels. Besides u have taken art subjects so u should stick to P.E.

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Good Luck.